EDITORIAL: R.I.P. Carrie Fisher


The news of Carrie Fisher’s passing on Tuesday morning really hurt. It hurt more than most of the heartbreaking deaths that has occurred in 2016. Carrie Fisher meant so much to all of us for various reasons. For some, she’s looked at as our first crush as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. For others, she’s looked at as a brilliant actress whose brutal honesty and humor about her personal demons helped others through similar battles with depression and so on. Carrie Fisher was one of a kind, and now she’s gone.

I don’t want to go into a long diatribe about Ms. Fisher that hasn’t already been printed online in the past day. Others have stated more eloquently what the actress meant to them better than I ever will. I just wanted to post my condolences to her family and loved ones. The news of her heart attack a week ago scared all of us, and her passing this week crushed us.

I remember thinking that as much as I enjoyed last year’s The Force Awakens, I found the press tour with Carrie Fisher almost as entertaining if not more than the actual film. Fisher didn’t just talk kindly about the people she worked with and the film itself, but it was her honestly and sincerity toward the entire tour and herself was brilliant and hilarious. She was self-deprecating, called out reporters and journalists on questions that she had no interest in reporting, and so on.

The interview she gave with ABC’s Amy Robach on “Good Morning America”will go on to be one of the great press tour interviews of all time. This and every interview she gave in this time frame should be looked at as a shining example of what a press junket interview should be like.

Carrie Fisher was one of a kind, and she’ll be missed terribly for that very reason.


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