EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton for President



This is somewhat unprecedented. I normally don’t endorse presidential candidates (or any political candidates for that matter) on this website. However, 2016 is a different year than most for presidential campaigns. President Barack Obama is about to leave office in a few months, and we have two choices that couldn’t be more clear. We have a fake billionaire who says inflammatory and offensive statements about Mexicans, Muslims, women, and so on And then we have a woman who’s spent most of her life in public service. A woman who’s championed women’s rights, public school reform from when she was the First Lady of Arkansas, and is arguably the most qualified presidential candidate to ever run for office. As the Editor-in-Chief of Movie Talk, I’m happy to tell you that I’m with her.

I feel incredibly optimistic about a Hillary Clinton presidency. I feel that she can continue the great work that President Obama has enacted in his eight years in office and build upon these great accomplishes. She will also fight for everyday Americans, the LGBTQ community, help solve a growing gun problem that we have in this country, and help fix the income and racial inequality that our nation continues to face. And let us not forget her foreign policy experience while she served as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Due to this, she is easily the most qualified candidate to run for the presidency in this election cycle.

And then we have her opponent, Donald Trump. A television billionaire who’s run more businesses into the ground over the years and hurt thousands of people in this process (just look at Atlantic City). But Donald Trump has decided to do arguably even more despicable things while running for president. His announcement for president in June of 2015 began with his calling of illegal immigrants from Mexico “rapists” and vowing to build a wall across the Texas-Mexico border. He said of Megyn Kelly “blood was coming out of her wherever” after the first Republican presidential debate. He made fun of a physically disabled reporter who didn’t write nice things about him.

And then there’s the video that was released about a month ago where Trump talked very proudly to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women. Donald and his minions/surrogates brushed the video off as “locker room talk”. No. That was not locker room talk. I’ve been in locker rooms before. We might say dumb things between each other in these locker rooms, but its nothing compared to what Donald Trump described on that bus. That wasn’t locker room talk, that was Donald talking about raping women. As a man, hearing Donald Trump brush that off as just “locker room talk” is offensive. It makes all us men look bad when he just generalizes what he says and brushes it off as just “well, all men say and think that stuff in private”. That’s not true.

Donald Trump now has 12 women who’ve come forward accusing the Republican nominee of sexually assaulting them, and it’s absolutely disgusting. If you’re a man who has voted or plans on voting for Donald Trump, you’re not a real man. Real men don’t vote for cowards who rape and take advantage of women. Period.

There is only one choice for president in this election, and in the opinion of this writer that choice is Hillary Clinton. Not only will Hillary fight for the previously mentioned issues and causes, she will also be a phenomenal leader. It’s also about time that we have a woman in the White House. Everything that Former Texas Governor Ann Richards and countless other great women leaders in this country worked for has led to this moment. The glass ceiling is about to be shattered folks, and Hillary Clinton is the woman who can break that ceiling.

If you’re not entirely convinced by my endorsement, I’ll end this piece with a quote from an old friend.

“I like Hillary. I think she would be a very, very good president.” – Bruce Springsteen


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