A Brief Reason as to Why You Should Support “Watchers”

Watchers pic

I usually don’t do stuff like this, but the film Watchers, and the people involved with the film, made me want to start. I’m writing to you today to tell you to go support this really interesting film, and support tiny local movies in Austin. 

The film deals with celebrity, and the idea of celebrity and how we as a society are very obsessed with this idea. I’ll let the filmmakers better explain the premise of the film: 

“These ‘gods’ usually consist of actors, actresses, musicians & singers, the rich and known; and with this fame comes an understanding. As seen in films like HOLLYWOODLAND and THE BLACK DAHLIA, there’s a darkness under the lit up Hollywood sign, and we are breaking the fourth wall by focusing on the PEOPLE in this business – while still suspending audiences in their seats.

In order to remain at the top, there is sacrifice.

Society has desensitized itself to reality by distracting themselves with trivial matters related to celebrities. When all we care about are fake notions, how are we able to recognize what really matters? When decadent industies, unwilling to adapt to change and depend on their human assets, how can love conqueor profit?

What’s given is one side of the story. The glamour and nice things come at a cost, and when we fail to recognize this – then we are only half way absorbing what’s really going on.

With Watchers we want to remind people that such distractions and leashes haven’t always existed, and to think they just formed on their own is foolish. It’s time to see both sides of the lense.” 

Sounds like a pretty cool premise, right? I’d love to see this idea fully realized into a feature, but the filmmakers need my help and your help to get their vision fully realized. You can head over to their Seed&Spark campaign here to learn more about the film, the people involved, what perks you can get if you donate some of your cash toward the film, and so on. Again, the concept sounds really cool, the people involved are really cool, and frankly, you would be really cool if you donated just a little bit of money toward the film. 

I wanted to make this post brief because the filmmakers can better tell you why you should give money to this film. I’m just a messenger. 

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