SXSW 2016 Preview


As with the past couple of years, I will be covering the SXSW Film Festival. But this year’s festival will be EVEN BIGGER than years before. I am officially going to the festival this year as a member of the press, which I (sort of) did last year, but not like this. The good people at SXSW have given me a Film Badge, and the responsibility to cover as many major events/screenings at this year’s film portion of the festival as humanly possible. I’m a one man production here at Movie Talk, so this is a pretty big commitment. Not only will I be going to screenings, I’ll also go to a few panels to talk about that. But what’s easily the biggest addition to my SXSW coverage is that I will be covering some big events/red carpets. 

If everything goes according to plan, I’m scheduled to begin my coverage by attending the press conference for the 2016 Texas Film Awards, the unofficial kickoff to SXSW Film that’s held by the Austin Film Society each year. At this years event, the Film Society will be honoring Texas actors such as Jesse Plemons, Chandra Wilson, Michael Barker of the Sony Pictures Classic, and legendary comedian Carol Burnett. Other talented actors on tap for the evening will be Maya Rudolph, Ethan Hawke, Adrienne Palicki, and many more. It’s a big way to kick off SXSW, and very foreboding since this will be my first time doing a red carpet. I’ll be honest when I say that I have butterflies in my stomach just writing and thinking about it. 

The next day will be the official first day of both SXSW Film and Interactive. I mention Interactive since it was just announced yesterday that President Barack Obama will be delivering the keynote for the Interactive portion of the festival. Unfortunately, I don’t have the credentials to get into the event since its Interactive and not Film, but I’ll be well aware of the President’s presence during that first day since security will be tighter than usual. Other than that, it should be a smooth and exciting first day. 

I’m seeing a whole variety of films throughout the fest. I’ll be seeing films like Richard Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some, Midnight Special, War on Everyone, Miles Ahead, Born to be Blue, and many, many more. Again, this doesn’t include the films that I’ll be covering the red carpet for. The festival could kill me by all the fun stuff I get to do, so hopefully I make it out alive so I can write-up my coverage and be considered for press credentials next year! 

If you want a live update of what I’m doing at all times during the fest, I highly recommend that you follow me on Twitter (@MrJakeSalinas). Also, just follow me so you can read my regularly shit on Ted Cruz, which is always fun. 

I wanted to put out this update a week in advance since I wouldn’t have anytime to put it up afterward, especially since House of Cards is coming back this weekend. Look out for a review on that sometime this weekend. 

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