If you read my Twitter feed in the past couple of hours, I just saw Deadpool, the long awaited adaptation of the Marvel comics antihero with Ryan Reynolds. I also mentioned how I had a somewhat unpleasant experience seeing this said film. So I’ve decided to do something a little different for this review. The first part of my Deadpool review will be a review of the film, unbiased due to the unpleasant experience, while the other half will be a recount/rant of the evening, and how the movie-going experience is dying. Let’s begin.

I’m not the biggest comic book movie fan. I go see them from time to time, and I enjoy them but I’m rarely ever over the moon for a said comic book film (Guardians of the Galaxy is a recent exception). That’s why the release of Deadpool seemed timely and fun, since the film is poking fun at the genre as well as the recent history of the Deadpool character and Ryan Reynolds as an actor. The film was released on Valentine’s Day weekend a few weeks back and has been making millions ever since, surpassing expectations from everyone. It’s made over half a billion worldwide, and its an R-rated superhero film of a slightly obsure comic book character. Does the film live up to the hype? 

Reynolds plays the titular character of Deadpool, or Wade Wilson as he’s known before becoming a superhero. He’s a mercenary who takes odd jobs here and there. After meeting his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), he is diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. He takes part in a program that will cure him of his cancer, but actually turns him into a deformed mutant with a less than flattering face. Wilson decides to take on the moniker of Deadpool, and goes after the people who turned him into what he is. 

Deadpool is the directorial debut of Tim Miller, a visual effects artist whose best known for the opening sequence to the 2011 remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He also recently just made the record of this film being the highest grossing film ever made by a first time director, which is impressive. The film is very well directed and written, with the screenwriting duties going toward the Zombieland duo of Paul Werick and Rhett Reese, with Reynolds obviously being very involved behind the scenes with his passion project. The film is full of Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, referencing films and characters in and around his universe, as well as making fun at the disaster that was Reynolds first go-around with the Deadpool character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as well as Reynolds other superhero dud, Green Lantern

The film is a lot of fun from beginning to end, and has some genuinely funny moments scattered throughout the film. While Deadpool is far from the best superhero film due to its self-awareness, it’s a bit scatter-brained and a little uneven at times, its still a lot of fun that I recommend to (people over the age of 17) who are a bit fatigued with the onslaught of superhero films recently. I apologize for my brief review, but I gotta address something that’s worth mentioning. If you could care less about what I have to say, go see Deadpool and have a good time. 


Final Rating: 



While I did enjoy Deadpool, my experience watching the film was rather unpleasant. I went to one of the nicer theaters in Santa Fe (where I’m currently “stationed” for the next couple of months) to go see the film. As people started coming into the theater during the previews, a couple sat right behind me and talked throughout the previews. I’m a bit of a stickler for people talking in movies, but I let it slide then just because it was the previews. The film begun, and they were still talking. About 10-15 minutes into the film, I turned around and asked them both very politely to please be quiet since others around me (including myself) were trying to enjoy the film. The man, who I’m going to nickname “Tiny Penis Man”,  leaned down toward me with a very stern/angry look on his face, and said “we’re trying to enjoy the movie too”. I asked politely again and turned around, trying to enjoy the film. 

I got up to go to the bathroom a few minutes after, and as I’m walking back to my seat, Tiny Penis Man LOUDLY tells me “bro, you’re blocking my view of the screen!!”. I brushed it off and tried to enjoy the film (which I was able to), but it was a bit uncomfortable the whole time. I decided it was time to let the world know something. As a critic, I enjoy watching movies and reviewing them for you. It started out as a hobby for me when I was in middle school, and has grown into something that I could potentially do for a career. I go to film festivals occasionally and review films there, as well as other cool things throughout the year. When I’m not doing cool film festival stuff, I go to my local theater and watch (and pay) for films that I can review and get coverage on my site. I occasionally get some instances where people talk a little bit during the film, but for the most part its slightly rare. I usually stick to the Alamo Drafthouse when I’m in Austin due to their strict policy against talking and texting in their theaters. Other theaters aren’t quite as strict, and therefore aren’t monitored like the Drafthouse theaters are. 

People like Tiny Penis Man are the reasons why I hate going to the movie theater nowadays. It’s people like Tiny Penis Man who have no respect or courtesy for anyone around the theater, and act as if they’re watching it in their living room due to the expensive tickets. It sucks because everytime I go to the theater I have to worry about some asshole whose decides to talk or text throughout the whole film, which shouldn’t be the case. I go to the movies not only to write reviews of them, but to escape my shitty and mundane reality, like everybody else does. The only problem is that there are tons of people like Tiny Penis Man all across this country, and they’re making the theater experience absolutely dreadful for everyone involved. 

Hollywood has been at a bit of a crisis for the past few years. Even though films like Star Wars and the Marvel films are very profitable for them, they’ve seen theater attendance across the country drop in the last few years. They’re clueless as to why this is the case, and can’t seem to figure out how to fix this. I’ll give you a way to fix the problem in a big way. Make every theater chain like the Alamo Drafthouse, and make sure somebody get’s their ass kicked if they’re caught talking or texting during a film. The Drafthouse is a safe space for me, knowing that each time I go see a movie there I’m going to have a great meal, and a great time without having to worry about assholes like Tiny Penis Man.

So, I’m going to end my rant on my soapbox proclaiming this. Don’t be a scumbag like Tiny Penis Man. Go to the movie to enjoy the experience. If you can’t handle not talking/not being on your cell phone, stay at home and do that, wasting your days being a Tiny Penis Man. That is all. 



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