Oscar Nominations: Reaction

BRENTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Nate Sanders displays the collection of Oscar statuettes that his auction company will sell online to the highest bidder on February 24, 2012 in Brentwood, California. (Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

As many of us woke up to the sudden and unexpected passing of legendary character Alan Rickman (R.I.P.), what was followed were the nominations for the Academy Awards. As usual, all the films I liked didn’t get nominated and all the films that other people liked got nominated. The big leader this morning was the The Revenant, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s boring-as-hell western, was the big winner this morning with 12 nominations, including nominations for Best Picture, Director (Inarritu), Actor (DiCaprio) and a surprising Supporting Actor nomination for Tom Hardy, the first nomination of his career. While its great for Hardy, one of the more interesting actors working today, get nominated, but maybe this wasn’t the movie for him to be nominated in. But, I guess I’m in the minority with my distain for The Revenant, so oh well. 

Spotlight, my favorite film of last year, got a flurry of nominations as expected. This and The Revenant look to be the major frontrunners at this years ceremony, and hopefully the film I did like ends up victorious. Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams received nominations in the supporting categories for their respected and terrific performances in the film. But what really bummed me out was, with the exception of Spotlight, my very favorite films of the year were snubbed for Best Picture, with Carol being at the center of that. Carol was a beautifully done movie, and was better than nearly all of the films nominated, and yet it was snubbed. The Revenant sucks, and Carol does not. Stupid Oscars…

Other surprises I saw was the love the Academy gave toward Mad Max: Fury Road, which not only received nominations in most of the technical categories, but was also nominated for Best Director for George Miller and Best Picture. While the film didn’t make my top ten, its a pleasant surprise for the Academy to step out of their comfort zone and honor a film like Fury Road. Other surprises I saw was for the film Room, which I haven’t seen yet, but recieved nominations for Best Director and Picture. The former is a tad surprising since Lenny Abramson, the director of the film, hasn’t gotten much attention for his direction in the film. Because of his nomination, Ridley Scott won’t be able to collect that Oscar prize anytime soon for his work in The Martian, which like Mad Max received a ton of nominations this morning (including Matt Damon for his terrific performance and Drew Goddard’s wonderful screenplay). 

What’s also perplexing is the fact that Sicario, one of my very favorite films of the past year, only received nominations for Score and Roger Deakins‘ beautiful cinematography. Few films thrilled me the way Sicario did last year (The Revenant was sure as hell not one of those films), so that was disappointing but not entirely surprising to see the lack of love for the film. Snubs in the screenplay category included Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs and Quentin Tarrantino for The Hateful Eight, two of the finest written movies of last year. What’s interesting is that the holier-than-thou The Revenant didn’t receive a screenplay nomination, which could foreshadow the films fate at the Oscars, as well as Spotlight’s fate (If I’m correct, the only time a film won Best Picture were there was no screenplay nomination was Titanic back in 1997, an award that movie didn’t deserve). 

It started to look like Straight Outta Compton would get some love from the Oscars with the Best Screenplay nod, but was unfortunately robbed for “much better and artier films” like The Revenant (and yes, I will continue to shit on that movie until The Oscars air). Not even any love for Jason Mitchell’s performance as Eazy-E, which the Academy substituted for a complete list of white actors in every acting category. The Huffington Post and Salon aren’t going to be happy about that one. 

Not everything was crappy for me this morning. I enjoyed seeing The Big Short, one of my favorites from last receive nominations from Best Picture to Directing and Screenplay for Adam McKay, Editing (an award the movie should win) and Best Supporting Actor for Christian Bale. That was nice to see. It was also nice to see Sylvester Stallone receive a nomination for Creed (the only nomination for that great film?!?), an award that he should/deserves to win. I could go on and on about the nominations, but instead I’ll let you decide what you thought. But to sum it up, The Revenant is an awful and horrible movie, and the Academy is wrong and I’m right (I’m feeling rather humble today as I write this if you haven’t noticed already). 


Full nominations:



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