Hey folks, Jake here. I’ve decided to announce a new segment to the website. Since I’m not a paid film critic and I don’t guarantee that I’m able to see every single film that I’d like to see in theaters either out of inconvenience or lack of money, there isn’t too much of a steady stream of content on the site. One example being that my last post, my review of Jurassic World (which you can read here) was two weeks ago. Since I use the Movie Talk With Jake Salinas Podcast as a platform to discuss my personal life and other issues besides film, I feel that I should start to do something similar to that on this site. I thought briefly about giving this segment to talk about stuff going on in my life a generic title like Jake’s Corner, or Jake’s Thoughts, or The Salinas Touch (bad inside joke). But I decided to use a title that was a little more fitting to my style of writing and thinking.


I give you….

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 01:  USA  Photo of Bruce SPRINGSTEEN, performing live onstage on Born In The USA tour  (Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)




Why Bruce Corner? I usually name drop Bruce Springsteen countless times on both my podcast and a few times on this site. Granted, this won’t be a Bruce Springsteen column to talk about how great and awesome Bruce is (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I digress). I’ll use this title as a means to talk about life stories, old high school memories (both good and bad), and as well as other adventures in my lifetime that I feel are worth writing about in print for the whole world to read. I’m still going to have my podcast to talk about similar topics, but I feel that I’m a much stronger writer than I am a public speaker, and this will be able to give my stupid thoughts, feelings, and opinions justice. I do have an idea for what the first entry may be, and it has something to do about Dallas, Texas, people (possibly dying) right in front of me, and the greatest night of my existence yet. I hope that I’m able to hook you with that description. If not, that’s cool. Expect that post to be up sometime this week. Thanks for the support and I look forward to publishing with you stories from my somewhat-interesting life.






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