SXSW 2015 Preview


Tomorrow will be the official first day of the 2015 SXSW Festival here in Austin, and I’ll let you ahead that the coverage I’m giving you will be a little bit different from what it was last year. Last year I got a badge, and with that badge I sat in lines for hours to see some of the biggest films of the festival. I applied for some press credentials this year and I got a film wristband instead of a badge. At first, I was a little pissed, because I’ve grown up being very self-entitled throughout my young life. But once the weeks passed, I’m starting to dig the idea of having a wristband instead of a badge. Granted, I’d take a badge of the wristband, but because it’ll be a lot harder to get into the bigger stuff this year with a wristband, I’m looking into the smaller stuff at the festival this year. 

I’m going to focus primarily on the documentaries that will be playing at the festival this year, because there are some bad ass looking documentaries that are premiering at the festival this year. We have documentaries on Mavis Staples, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, and even Doug Sahm premiering, and they sound a lot better than a lot of the big Hollywood fare that’s playing at the festival. So those films will be my main focus for the next week, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get into all of these films, but I like to think positively about this stuff. So tomorrow night, I’m thinking about catching The Look of Silence, which is the follow-up/spiritual sequel to The Act of Killing, one of the most mesmerizing documentaries I’ve ever seen. And then I’ll see where the week takes me from there. 

I don’t expect this year to be as chaotic and crazy as last year, but anything could happen. For updates on SXSW, keep checking this site for updates throughout the weekend and into next week, and follow me on the social media platforms down below.

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