Weekend Plans: Television/Web Series Review

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A couple of days ago I was asked to review an upcoming web series entitled Weekend Plans. It’s a series that was created by Ronald Short, a local filmmaker who lives in Austin, who also writes, directs, and stars in each episode of the series. I’ve been following the progress of the series for a couple of months now, from the little IndieGoGo pledge to the production and now post-production on the series. The series’ first episode is expected to debut on February 19th, which as of writing this is tomorrow. Somehow being the hot-shot film critic that I am, I was sent the first three episodes of the series by the folks behind the show, so I here’s my thoughts on Weekend Plans

I watched the episodes in the order of the links that they were given to me, but you don’t really need to follow a certain structure in order to follow the story (from what I’ve seen so far). But the concept of the show is about a married couple named Linus (played by Short) and Lisa (played by Bloom Wilde), and they have a roommate named Jon (played by Nathan Minger), and the series involves what the three do with their time on the weekend (hence the title). The first episode I watched was titled “Dinner Plans”, and it involved the three trying to figure out what they’re going to eat, which ends in comic hilarity (I won’t reveal anything due to spoilers and that some of the gags are pretty damn funny). The second episode was called “Dirty Talk”, which was about Linus and Lisa attempting to kink up their sex, which has some pretty funny and gross little moments (as you do). And then the last episode I watched was an episode called “Twins”, which is about Linus finding something out about Jon that’s, well, dirty. 

As I mentioned above, all the episodes were written and directed by Short, and I found a lot of the gags and scenarios that he put these characters in to be inventive, a little bizarre, and little gross, and a little juvenile. If those last three sound like complaints, then my friend you are wrong. I found a lot of the juvenile and sex jokes to be very funny, and I was laughing quite loudly at some of the lines and scenarios during the episodes. Honestly, I was really impressed by what I was seeing with Weekend Plans, which is a bit unusual since the first couple of episodes of comedy shows are usually not that good, since the creators are still trying to figure out how they want the direction of the show to go (e.g. Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, etc). 

I also enjoyed the three leads in the show. There’s nothing egotistical in Mr. Short wanting to cast himself in the role of Linus, as he feels perfect in the role, as delivers some of the shows best lines and gags. Ms. Wilde, who plays his wife in show, is also very good, and she’s got some really funny lines, especially in the “Dirty Talk” episode. Mr. Minger, who plays the roommate Jon, quite possibly steals the scene in a few of the episodes. The three leads have excellent chemistry together, and I’m looking forward to whatever scenarios that these three will be in the next couple of episodes. 

Depending on if there will be any story arcs during the shows run, it’s very much in the vein of Comedy Central programs such as Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, and even a little Key and Peele sprinkled here and there. I’m a big fan of those shows, and that type of sketch comedy is vastly exceeding Saturday Night Live nowadays. Broad City started out as a web series before Amy Poehler discovered the web series and was then bought as a half-hour comedy series on Comedy Central. It’s way too early to say if similar success is destined for Weekend Plans, but if the next couple of episodes are as funny and quirky as the ones that I watched, I hope that Weekend Plans is able to find as big of a following (and audience) as the Broad City web series did. 

As mentioned above, the first episode of Weekend Plans will debut tomorrow night, so look out for that. 

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