A Quick Look of What’s to Come on Movie Talk With Jake Salinas


2015 is shaping up to be one of the more unique years in the short history of Movie Talk With Jake Salinas. I am going to let you know that in a couple of months, so major changes will be coming, but I won’t reveal as to what those changes will be until the Dog Days of Summer. That’s all I’m gonna say for now on that. But I have a few things to announce into the not-so-distant future, and some of them are pretty cool little opportunities that I have. 

The first thing is that I’ve been asked to cover and write about the 2015 Indie Meme Film Showcase. For the folks who read this website, and live in the city of Austin, this Showcase will be taking place at the Jones Auditorium at St. Edwards from Saturday February 7th to February 8th. What this showcase actually showcases are screenings of shorts, feature narratives (both documentary and scripted), and many more that showcase the Indian culture. Now, these aren’t Bollywood movies, in fact they’re far from it. They’re films that really show what the Indian culture is truly like, and it can be brutally honest and beautiful at times. I will be there on Saturday, and I will try to make it Sunday but I’m not entirely sure on Sunday. If you happen to be there, come by and say hi. Click here for more information on the showcase. 

Another little announcement isn’t really an announcement, but it could lead to a hopeful announcement in the next week or so. About a week ago I applied for press credentials to cover this years SXSW Film Festival, similar to what I did last year (you can read my coverage from last year here). I hope that they’ll be able to grant me those credentials once again, so my fingers are crossed on that idea. The lineup for the Feature Films will be announced this coming Tuesday on February 3rd, so look out for that. 

And I usually do my Movie Talk With Jake Salinas Awards around this time of year, but I’m still trying to see a few more films folks are talking about before I do that. I haven’t seen all the big Oscar films either because of laziness or just not enough time or screenings in the city. I’m kind of going at my own pace when it comes to seeing those films, and besides, nobody pays me to do this (yet), so hang in their folks. And it also doesn’t help that I’ve been sick all week (and still continue to sit around in my underwear), so once I get better, i’ll (maybe, possibly, eventually) get around to doing that. Other than that, that’s what’s going on over at Movie Talk. And like I said, that big change will be discussed further in the Dog Days, I just don’t feel comfortable sharing it just yet. 

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