House of Cards: Season 2 Review (NO SEASON 2 SPOILERS)


(Note: The following post contains spoilers from Season One. No spoilers for Season 2, however. I will put up a post later on going into further depth on how the events of Season Two will impact the future of the show.)

I’ve been a fan of the U.S. remake of House of Cards ever since it premiered. The pilot, directed by David Fincher, was some of the most exciting television that I had ever seen, and the performances by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright were more than enough to merit a binge through the series. Many have criticized both the show and Netflix as the decline of television, and that it kills the regular formula of television of one episode per week. If you ask me, I applaud both Netflix and the show’s creator/show-runner Beau Willimon for this formula, and I much prefer this format than of regular television, and that’s probably due to my ADD and impatience. So Netflix decided to put up the highly anticipated season 2 on Valentines Day, February 14th. A rejoice for losers like me with no dates, but a loud “NO!!” from married men and women, I have powered through all 13 episodes of this new season, and I gotta be the first to say it doesn’t disappoint.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright return to play the power couple of the Underwood’s. Frank has just assumed the office of Vice President of the United States, and this now means that both Frank and Claire are now more exposed than they have ever been. The band of journalists, with its leader being Zoe Barnes played once again by Kate Mara (Go Giants!) are still trying to tie Frank to the suicide of Peter Russo from the last season. While Frank looks over his shoulder with the possibility of being caught for his crime, there is a storyline about the Chinese that drives the season through its 13 episodes, and that’s all I’m going to say on that.

With House of Cards, the plot is always twisting and turning, so I’ve kept my summary of this new season to a mum. However, in this season, the twists and turns are brought all the way up to 11, and for those who have already watched the first episode of this new season, you’d know where I’m coming from. Before I watched the first episode, a colleague of mine texted me a rather amusing reaction to the first episode that I cannot repeat here on this site due to its vulgar content, because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s vulgar (that’s a lie, like Frank Underwood’s lies). And due to the idea of not entirely knowing what’s coming next in this season makes Season 2 a worthy successor to the first season, with the show feeling larger and better than it’s already stellar first season. The show’s already beautiful cinematography is also elevated heavily in this season, as watching this film on my 26 inch television looks astonishing, and real. That’s either the power of my wonderful little Blu Ray that I watch the show on, or something else, but I was just in awe looking at the show from a technical perspective. David Fincher’s visual touch was already established from the beginning, and while he unfortunately didn’t have time to direct an episode this season (he was off filming the highly anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, which is a pretty good excuse), he left a lasting impact on the show’s look.

The writing is also as terrific as it can get, with Willimon writing many of the seasons episodes himself. The character development is fantastic, and more focus is put on many of the side characters in this season, which gives the show a unique and rather fascinating spin. Kevin Spacey and his monologues are as morbidly funny as they can be, with the actor in fine form as Frank Underwood. Robin Wright, coming off her Golden Globe win for last season, is also very electric and cold as can be as Claire Underwood, with a lot more focus on her than in the last season. I don’t want to go into too many details on this season, as I will discuss my detailed thoughts in a post that will be up soon (when will it be, I’m not sure, as binging 13 episodes can take a toll on you). So I’m going to go sleep now, and while I do that I highly recommend that you go watch this new season of House of Cards, the best show not on television. If you haven’t even bothered to watch Season 1, then this is a wake up call for you.

Final Rating:



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